Inkdrop Books Anthology

Submission Guidelines

This collaborative project aims to help local authors:

  • gain a publishing credit to add to their portfolio
  • expand their audience
  • try new marketing techniques

The ultimate goal is to donate proceeds back to the local writing community through PeoWriMos, a Peoria-based group that sponsors write-ins, workshops, and other writerly events.

Each submitting author retains copyright for his or her own story (see more details in the Contributor Agreement). Simultaneous submissions are permitted, but you must disclose that your piece has been submitted elsewhere and withdraw your submission promptly if your work is accepted by another publication. We welcome multiple submissions by the same author.

Editing Process

  1. Submissions will go before the editing board.
    1. To maintain fairness, this will be a “blind” reading. Author’s names should not appear anywhere on the actual manuscript.
  2. Editors will propose changes and make comments.
  3. The author will review the editors’ comments. Authors maintain the right to implement any changes.
  4. The author will resubmit the second version of their story for final review.
  5. Editors will review the second version and make any corrections deemed necessary.
  6. Authors will be notified of any changes to their story and be asked to sign off on changes.
    1. If you do not agree with the edits, you have the right to withdraw your story from the project.
    2. After you sign off, you can no longer withdraw your story from the anthology. This will be the cut-off date. If you have submitted to other publications, you will have to turn them down after this point.
    3. We must receive your sign-off before the deadline.


  1. Word count: short stories between 3,000 and 8,000 words; micro- or flash fiction between 300 to 1,000 words
  2. Submission must reflect the theme “Central Illinois.”
  3. Follow the style guide.
    1. Do not insert your name in the manuscript – this is for our blind editors’ review (see Step 1 in Editing Process listed above).
    2. If you wish to submit multiple stories, please submit a separate form for each story. (Do not attach all submissions at once.)
  4. Contributor must currently live in the Peoria, IL or Central Illinois area or have a significant connection to the area.
  5. Submit no later than 11:59pm on September 5, 2016.

What We Are Not Looking For

  1. It cannot have been published anywhere else – no exceptions.
  2. In order to appeal to the widest audience possible, please avoid the following in your content:
    1. Erotica, scenes of a serious sexual nature, rape (explicit or implied)
    2. Gratuitous violence
    3. Religious material
    4. Enhanced political agendas
    5. Excessive profanities or offensive language